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GS Translations, a partner with a human face

Our society is changing at a frenetic pace: new technologies, new socio-economic realities, new markets... Given the repercussions on every aspect of our day-to-day lives, identifying the right approach isn’t always easy. That is where the human factor comes into play.

This value is central to the identity of GS Translations. As a translation and language services partner with a human face, we have nurtured a working relationship with our customers for nearly 20 years.

An approach that leaves nothing to chance

After taking the time to discuss your needs and expectations in terms of deadline and budget, we entrust your translation project to the appropriate translator, who will ensure that the content is faithfully renderedin the target language(s), taking into account the specific features of your sector and the local realities of your target audience.

Moreover, in keeping with the four eyes principle, all our translations are revised by a second native translator to ensure that no grammatical or spelling mistakes have crept in and that the meaning remains unchanged.

At the end of this crucial stage, we take care to return the document to you in its original format, with an identical layout.

A select network of skilled specialists

At GS Translations, we only work with a select team of qualified translators. In other words, we know them all personally.

Our focus on presenting a human face therefore doesn’t just apply to our customers, but extends to our network of experts, because we are convinced that quality work is the fruit of a privileged relationship with all stakeholders.

A team of language enthusiasts

Our translators draw on long years of expertise in their own specialist fields, and work exclusively into their mother tongue.

Driven by a genuine passion for languages and an insatiable curiosity, they are the cornerstone of our long-standing relationship of trust with our customers and the quality of our services.

Your contact person

Hi-tech delivering a state-of-the-art service

GS Translations capitalises on the most innovative tools on the market to make them work for you to guarantee impeccable quality and optimal delivery times. To remain competitive, the latest technological advances are a non-brainer... as long as they are used intelligently.

While a host of technologies have emerged in recent years, not all of them offer a guarantee of quality (automatic proofreaders, automatic translation tools, ChatGPT, etc.). If you don't use them wisely, the consequences for your communication and brand image could prove disastrous.

Our high-performance DTP tools also mean that your documents are processed and delivered to you in their original format (Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), InDesign, XML, HTML, etc.).

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